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Content Inspiration: The Museum of Feelings

Content Inspiration: The Museum of Feelings

 We stumbled upon this New York Times article reviewing the must see temporary Museum of Feelings and had to share it! The museum, which is actually an elaborate Glade products experiential ad, has been lining people up around the block. Yes, we are talking Glade, maker of the Plug-In, among other products.What makes this campaign so successful and smart?

  1. Its clearly well outside the box of where we might have put Glade. Not only is it different, but its interesting and garnering a lot of excitement. Glade could have created any number of experiences and the company choose to do something huge, artful and very very easy to want to photograph (and share!).
  2. Its not hyper commercial: yes there are employees walking around and sure, Glade wants its money’s worth, but there is clearly a careful balance struck because people do not make a huge deal out of something they feel is just selling them products. Execution is matched with intrigue.
  3. Its a big undertaking: the barrier to entry for a project like this is very, very high. From concept to production, right down to employees in costume to cheerily send everyone on their way, this is a monumental project. Superbowl ad? Perhaps not. But arguably more work. Credit goes to the Glade team for having the foresight to know this would be game changing and giving the go ahead to the (likely) agency to run with it.
  4. Its free, which has been a huge draw.
  5. Its a social media boon for Glade: people are taking beautiful, vibrant photos at every turn and of everything, making advertising cheap as well as gorgeous. As the must-see event in New York right now, the Museum has cost very little to show off because visitors want to be a part of its social cache.

So whats the ROI on something like this? Its surprisingly hard to say, according to a source in the advertising business. Adding brand equity was clearly the aim of this investment, though its still unclear how much museum goers are connecting their experience with a slightly less premium brand like Glade. However, its likely visitors (and clearly the media) will give the company credit just for putting something like this together: the maker of Plug-Ins can be the coolest cool kid when they put their mind to it.Moral: don’t be afraid to step outside the box that your content might be putting you in. There are great concepts, editorial opportunities and collaborations everywhere. Get inspired!Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.38.43 AMAll photos from the New York Times.

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