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End of Year Lists (Part 1)

End of Year Lists (Part 1)

As we have mentioned (more than) a few times, we love a good list. Gift lists of all kinds, lists of your favorite things, even a good To-Do list gets us.  Thankfully, its that time of the year again: the best and worst of 2015 lists are coming from every direction. While these lists can at times feel tedious (there are so many! they are so objective!) they are also great opportunities to talk with your readers about favorite things and capture some new commissions. Below are some of the lists we are loving, part 1.

  1. Time’s Person of the Year award. Time spends many months each year telling us who could be the people of the year. There is gala, there are feature pieces, there are parodies and Twitter wars. Ultimately there is an announcement in mid-December revealing a cover with this year’s person, though in years past it has been a movement, an event or large group of people. This year, Angela Merkel is the very deserving recipient of the honor, having been front and center in a year of unfavorable news, economic strife and uncharted territory for Europe and the world. Forget that she’s a woman in a nearly all-male field: she’s been doing that for years. Instead, she wins for her scientific approach, unrelenting strength and true leadership. Who didn’t win? Donald Trump, for starters.
  2. Apple’s Best Apps. The big winner is Periscope (we did love you most at SXSW, Meerkat), but there are many apps worth mentioning on this list. We’d be remiss not to mention ever-absurd Dubsmash, deemed undeserving of writing these posts if we didn’t point out that our gamer friends confirmed Goat Simulator is real. And great. Standards like Netflix and Skype make appearances as well, though the obvious question: Trivia Crack? Number one downloaded free app, ladies and gentlemen. Forget Facebook or even something practical like Google Maps. Trivia Crack.
  3. The Obamas released their list of 2015 pop culture favorites this week. On it? Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars funk-pop anthem”Uptown Funk,” Kendrick Lamar’s”How Much a Dollar Cost,” The Martian, and others. Many great links to be had from this list!
  4. Being National Parks enthusiasts, we were thrilled to discover what will surely be one of many (many) best-of Instagram photo compilations of the year called “The 20 Best Instagrams from US Parks in 2015” featured on Mashable. The Department of the Interior has some of the best Insta game around so the task of finding the 20 strongest posts might have been monumental (see what we did there?) and the result is incredible. Inspiring your readers to do more travel to parks and find these photos in real life always makes for strong content!
  5. Ever contentious, the Best Books of 2015 lists are also fun and tend to prompt commenting. What did your book clubs love or hate? What did you read that you have told everyone about? Book lists constantly promote strong discussion and people love to opine: perfect content!
  6. Movie lists are also out (and then we realize we are a bit behind the critically acclaimed times) so get those Netflix cues ready. Spoiler: Mad Max really is that good. Spoiler update: cue the comments about why its not below thank you.
  7. Make your own list! What were your favorite products, cultural happenings or other events of 2015? Readers love hearing what you love so make it into a list thats a little more 2015-themed than your gift lists. Opinions welcome!


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