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15 Memes & Gifs of Great Q1 Content Ideas

Now that the holidays are over, gift lists were maximized and product placement has been… well, placed, what to write about for Q1? We sat down to come up with a few ideas of our own as well as some overall themes that might inspire a post or two for you. Please comment or tweet at us with your ideas, or just your favorite meme or gif!Events. The first quarter of the year is one of the busiest for events and conferences because people come back from the holiday season ready to learn, network and kick the year off right. Sign yourself up for a few things, see if it might be worth speaking at a few things and make sure your brand is front and center at events in your industry.animated gif of motivational speaker saying "I eat success for breakfast...with skim milk"Partnerships. Who have you been meaning to reach out to to guest blog, work with on a photo project or partner with on a podcast? Now is a great time to take advantage of drumming up some new partnership opportunities before calendars are solidified and people are looking for prolific opportunities. This could also be a great opportunity to do a Q&A with someone you’ve always wanted to profile or think your readers would enjoy hearing from."We're like a power couple"Happenings, unofficial holidays and other reasons to celebrate! Despite being on the other side of the major holiday push, there are still quite a few events to take advantage of during Q1. Most notable are Valentines Day, things like the Superbowl, Hollywood awards season, fashion weeks and other opportunities will present a unique window to participate from your own angle.Do I have a date for Valenties Day? Yes. February 14.Survey your readers. Do you want to hear something about your readers? What they want to read? What they opinions are? What they think about your site? This is the perfect time of year to ask people to answer a survey! Help them get their opinions heard.hey girl, take the surveyReleases like books, movies, music. You can always count on some form of news in terms of a book or movie review or some kind of new music coming out. As a bunch of avid readers, we have been mulling over talking about some of our favorite books on this blog. This year might be the year!read honeyWinter activities, recipes, ways to send a chilly (or cloudy, in SF!) day. What do you do and look forward to throughout the winter months?treat yourselfSales! Everything seems to be on sale. Whatever your most coveted items might be, help your readership learn more about where to find the best deals this near year on some of the items they might be looking forward to purchasing most. It might also be a great time to revisit the things you covered in gift lists if they have gone on sale. Additionally, coming up are a few big sale holidays like Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Presidents Day, always big times for sales.shopping is my cardioWellness. Just as last season was the season for holiday shopping and giving, Q1 ‘tis the season for wellness and all around health. This is a great time of year to talk about all sorts of personal, company-wide or community wellness initiatives of all kinds. Get your readers involved, work on wellness-related giveaways and start thinking about how to make this year the best year for you and your community.y u no get healthy snaxLists/Checklists. (Yes we know we made a list that also has lists referenced but still!) A great way to get people clicking through your content and an excellent way to make it more consumable = MAKE LISTS! Of all kinds. Play lists, 20 Bags for 2016 lists, 15 Motorcycles to Look Into This Year lists, lists about Instagram handles you love, lists about the best parts of your home city, lists about lists (did it again). We haven’t met many lists we don’t love so this should be an easy one.i-see-you-didnt-use-your-checklists-i-too-like-to-live-dangerously-meme-12584Personal Posts. We mentioned resolutions last week because this time of year is always potentially great for sharing something you would like to be working on for yourself, your family, or something else that is slightly outside your normal scope. Get your community involved by becoming accountable to them. Are you going to read 50 books this year? Start posting about them. Do you want to give up caffeine? Get your office and readership involved. Are you going to launch a side project about something completely different than what you usually write about? Tell people!
Michael Scott quoting Wayne Gretzky saying "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take"White Papers and Research Papers. VigLink is taking on a few research and white paper initiatives this year – we want to learn more about internet buyers and influencers so we are taking it upon ourselves to go out and find this information and package it up for our readers. Look for our first publication around the end of Q1!research paper? crushed it.How To’s. explain something awesome in your domain of expertise or talk about learning something new that you’ll be showing your readers this year.I don't know how to put this, but I'm kind of a big deal (meme)Infographics. If you’ve compiled some interesting statistics or other data, show it off. Infographics make great content because of their straightforward, easy to read nature. They could also be a great opportunity for showing what your readers love and are most interested by based on your own site’s analytics.I didn't know that. tell me more (meme)Tools! What does it take to run your site and what are some of your favorite tools, vendors and other best practices that make your day easier? This is a great opportunity to give your community an inside peek at what makes your business work alongside sending out some helpful links to your vendors. Side note here: many vendors offer referral codes for new business so be sure to look those up and maximize the credit you get for this post.Cookie Monster at computer saying "delete cookies?!"Posts filled with gifs and memes. Got that one covered here.Two enthusiastic thumbs up    Subscribe to blog updates

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