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Customer Success: Musings of a Muse

Customer Success: Musings of a Muse

Musings of a Muse was started by Isabella Muse as an evening hobby to share her love of cosmetics. Fast forward a few years and the site has become a go-to for reviews from drugstore beauty favorites (and discoveries) to top shelf items from Sephora. For anyone who has ever been baffled by blush, confounded by too many eyeshadow choices or lacking a strong collection of drugstore favorites, Musings of a Muse probably has a post for you. Our favorites include the best of $5 and Under Makeup and Beauty Picks, tons of “How-Tos” that we would never have known and the latest collections of beauty products and makeup coming out. Isabella has reviewed thousands of products, knows her makeup and is truly honest about her opinions in a way that her fans have come to know and appreciate. Plus, how can you not love a blogger who lets you know what to skip? Refreshing, fun and informative, Musings of A Muse is a beauty and makeup go-to. Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 3.41.45 PM“Viglink is a completely easy way to monetize my website, and I also have a large social media following that I wanted to earn revenue from. That’s where Viglink Anywhere comes into play!  Viglink Anywhere allows me to easily create monetized links to incorporate into my social media posts!” – Isabella Muse, publisher  blog-CTA-v2-1

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