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What We Learned from Our Blog Reader Survey

What We Learned from Our Blog Reader Survey

In early January, we sent out survey to the readers of our blog. Our hope was that we could get people tell us what they liked and didn’t link and point out some actionable areas where we might improve our content. We are overwhelmed with people’s willingness to share their thoughts and are excited to make meaningful improvements in the first half of this year. We wanted to share a few of the more interesting findings with you – thank you again to those who took the survey and helped us so meaningfully! We are listening and working to make our blog the best it can be.Major Takeaways

  1. Our readers want to hear more about VigLink’s data. Whether its high-performing products, what times to post content to see the most revenue (which we covered last week here!), or how to increase overall engagement, our community wants to hear more about the nitty gritty of what makes a successful post and why.
  2. VigLink tools need to be more readily explained in  detail. We will be working over the next several months to offer up deeper dives into our dashboards and merchant explorer, among others. We look forward to helping you learn even more tips and tricks to make VigLink as lucrative and simple as possible to use everyday.

Interesting Details

  1. Our audience mainly finds us directly through our blog or via our emails: they are not as interested in our other social channels.
  2. Simplicity is key: our readers want us to help make their lives easier in every way. Open-ended comments asked for us to give publishers deeper engagement opportunties with our products, and to continue to make it as easy as possible for them to use VigLink.

What surprised us?

  1. A meaningful proportion of respondents asked to receive recaps of our blog every week. While are are not moving to that format yet, we appreciate your wanting to hear from us more often.
  2. Our audience likes a more traditional blog format that we have been using: longer, paragraph form blog posts with some infographics and other visuals mixed in. We weren’t sure if our posts were holding people’s attention or not, but according the data, they are.

We will send a survey to our blog readers every quarter so that we can continually improve our content for our readers and compare results from past surveys.  As always you can also feel free to reach out to us at anytime with questions or comments. Subscribe to blog updates

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