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52 TIPS: #44 Be a copycat.

52 TIPS: #44 Be a copycat.

We all wish life could be just a little bit simpler at times. From software and tools to improve your work to general productivity tips, we’re opening up the vault and sharing some of our best life hacks with you. Some are helpful little reminders, some are big concepts to learn more about, but they’re all meant to get those wheels turning and the light bulbs popping to help optimize your business. Together we can all become more efficient and well-rounded content marketers so go forth and produce!In the digital age, blogs, businesses, and e-commerce sites are a dime a dozen. Keep tabs on some of your competitors so you regularly have a pulse on what they’re doing. When are they posting, with what frequency, and what success are they having? No one said you have to reinvent the wheel. Try adopting some of the practices that work for them and use their metrics as benchmarks for your own channels.  Additional Resources:

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