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VigLink Insert: Your Secret Weapon to Monetizing Links Fast

VigLink Insert: Your Secret Weapon to Monetizing Links Fast

There’s no question about it: researching affiliate programs that are relevant to your content, signing up for them individually, and inserting hyperlinks on specific keywords is time-consuming. What if you had a secret weapon to speed up that process?

VigLink Insert is essentially that, an AI virtual assistant that does all the dirty work for you. Insert finds product mentions you have not linked in your content and automatically adds monetized affiliate links to the post. In fact, you can write an entire article without adding any hyperlinks and let VigLink take care of finding all your potential affiliate opportunities.

You Have Complete Control

If it sounds too good to be true, it’s not. You can change the CSS styling of the links and set the density of hyperlinks you want to be added. You can also have an automatic FTC disclosure added to any page VigLink inserts an affiliate link, and ensure links open in a new window. In the advanced settings dashboard, you can create a blacklist of words that should never be hyperlinked and choose which devices to show links to (desktop, mobile, and/or tablets).You can even turn off links on an individual page or within a particular section of a page (getting as granular as disavowing them from one paragraph). To do this, simply edit the HTML of your site and add the tag class=”nolinks” to any page element you don’t want hyperlinked.

The Algorithm is Smart

VigLink’s natural language processing technology is trained to find links that match your site category (ie. flight and hotel deals for travel sites). You can set the limit on the maximum number of links you want per page. You can even control the distance between two inserted links, or between links for the same keyword. The algorithm is set to automatically insert the maximum number of links possible based on your content, but if you’d like more or less as a default, email the support team, and they’ll help you out.

How to Do It

All you have to do is copy and paste the JavaScript code from the installation page directly above the closing body tag of your website (make sure it’s in the site template, not just on one page). Once you do that, you’re ready to start inserting and earning. It really is that simple.

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