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VigLink Convert: Supercharge Your Normal Hyperlinks

VigLink Convert: Supercharge Your Normal Hyperlinks

We want to make sure you’re always earning your maximum potential, which means knowing what products are available to you and how they work. This week we’re giving you a reminder about one of our core offerings: VigLink Convert.What Is It: VigLink Convert automatically turns unaffiliated hyperlinks into revenue generating links. Often times in your content, you’ll include a link to a product or merchant you may not even know is valuable for both new content and old posts you may have forgotten about. Convert finds these mentions and changes the normal link to an affiliate link without any additional code or work on your part to ensure you get credit for any sales or traffic driven to the merchant’s page. Links will appear with no change to the code so as not to disrupt the user experience.How to Get Started:Copy the Javascript code from the installation page of your dashboard. Paste it right above the closing body tag of your site. As soon as your account is approved, Convert will start working immediately. To optimize performance, peruse the merchant explorer database and ensure you’re approved for all relevant merchants and destinations you link out to often. This will give the system the best chance of finding the highest converting links in your industry.

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