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VigLink Anywhere Give You The Ability to Monetize Any Link – Anywhere

VigLink Anywhere Give You The Ability to Monetize Any Link – Anywhere

Affiliate links aren’t just limited to your blog. With VigLink Anywhere, you can turn any social media link, email link or any other link into a robust, high-powered hyperlink that earns you revenue. This means you can now make money from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and your email list. The opportunities are endless!How It Works: Back in the day, you had to install a snippet of JavaScript code on the page to track what traffic and sales you were driving. VigLink developed a work around for that, a wrapper tool that allowed affiliate data to be built into any hyperlink on the web.How To Do It:You can create a link through the bookmarklet tab on your dashboard, but the easier way to do it is to drag the Bookmarklet badge into your browser. Once you have this shortcut, you can create an Anywhere Link from any merchant page on the web. It takes just one click to copy and paste. Enter any product link that you want VigLink Anywhere to affiliate. This can be the URL to any product page of a merchant in our system, like this Macy’s link to a Fossil Piper Leather Small Crossbody bag:
Click build and the system will automatically add your unique API to track clicks and sales through your VigLink account.
You can then use a link shortener like to make the link more social media friendly. The final product looks like this:, which is perfect for sharing.4 Ways You Could Use VigLink Anywhere to Drive Sales:

  1. Feature this bag in an email round-up of some of your favorite spring trends.
  2. Put it on Twitter with an “I just got this amazing bag, if you’re obsessed too, here’s where to buy it” post.
  3. Do an Instagram lifestyle shot featuring the bag. Since links aren’t allowed in individual posts, make sure to put the link in your profile bio and mention the link to purchase in your caption.
  4. Create a Facebook post about how this bag has saved your life. If you really want a return on investment, consider boosting the post a few dollars to reach a wider audience.
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