December ’13 Advertiser 50 Report

The December EPC numbers are are in. Here are the highlights:

December 2013 Advertiser 50

  • GoPro not only holds onto its lead, but extends it.
  • Fashion continues to make a strong showing, buoyed by strong commission rates and average order value.
  • 20% of the top 50 are new to the rankings.
  • Huge climb in the EPC rankings by OtterBox, NastyGal, Net-A-Porter, Lenovo, and Harrods.
  • For many, December is cold (see the rise of WeathertechThe House), a season for gift giving (big jump for OtterBox, maker of the awesome iPhone cases), and a time for travel (see the notable increase from British Airways).

Don’t miss the full report for the entire 50.


November ’13 Advertiser 50 Report Now Out

The November Advertiser 50 report has just been released, our monthly report ranking the top 50 advertisers by their indexed EPC (Earnings Per Click).

November 2013 Advertiser 50

Since this is now the third month we’ve compiled the report, we’ve had enough time to let the dust settle and look for improvements. Astute observers will notice this month’s report doesn’t quite jive with last month’s report. That’s because we changed who’s included in the report. Here’s why:

We noticed the October report had a large number of newcomers and some very large swings in the rankings from September’s report. We think this is due to smaller advertisers experiencing wild swings in the number of links, clicks, and sales they experienced. One month they have a high EPC, the next they don’t, and vice versa. Since we don’t want to include advertisers with only a few clicks or sales for the month, past reports have excluded these smaller advertisers. For November, and moving forward, we’ve increased the minimum threshold of monthly clicks to ensure only more mature and stable advertisers are included. This results in a more reliable and useful report. It also means we’re focusing the report on the biggest brands: roughly the top 500 advertisers in our network of over 30,000.

In the November report, we re-ran the numbers for October using this new minimum threshold, so you can see the biggest gainers and losers. While GoPro remains solidly in the #1 position, we saw huge climbs up the ranks from the likes of Horchow, Virgin Mobile USA, Gilt, SSENSE, Vera Bradley, Best Buy, Far Fetch, and Boost Mobile. We also saw some very strong entries into the new rankings from UK fashion retailer USC, Macmall, The Watchery, and No More Rack. Notably absent in the top 50 were retail juggernauts (ranked 64) and (ranked 107). Both, however, do offer EPCs well above the average.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday the holiday shopping season can throw some curve balls when it comes to conversion rates, so once all that is behind us, we’ll be interested to see who stays and who goes come January’s report.

Posted by Oliver Deighton, VP Marketing

The October ’13 Advertiser 50 Report

Last month we introduced the VigLink Advertiser 50 report, a ranking of the top 50 advertisers by earnings per click (EPC). Today we’re releasing our updated report for clicks and earnings that occurred during October 2013.

We’re definitely seeing some significant movement in the rankings month over month. The Carphone Warehouse, the UK-based mobile phone retailer, climbed to the #1 spot from #15, presumably in response to strong sales of the newly released iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. While smaller advertisers can see lots of fluctuation as sales ebb and flow, we would encourage relevant publishers to take particular note of Wiggle (a european bicycle shop), Gazelle (a place to sell your old iPhone, iPad or Mac), and Shopbop (a leading fashion retailer) — all advertisers who climbed the ranks with particularly strong sales volume in October.

Overall, we saw 5 new entrants into the top 10, 24 new entrants into the top 50, and 9 new advertisers not previously ranked (advertisers must exceed a certain volume with VigLink to rank).

The top ten advertisers are listed below and you can see the full rankings here.

September Rank October Rank Advertiser
15 1
6 2
5 3
1 4
8 5
4 6
64 7
New! 8
81 9
New! 10



Introducing the VigLink Advertiser 50 Report

All links are not created equal. Some simply pay more than others. In fact, here are 50 that paid more than anyone else in September.

VigLink Advertiser 50

The VigLink Advertiser 50 report is a new monthly report that lists the top advertisers by earnings per click (EPC). Out of over 30,000 merchants and across tens of thousands of publishers, these are the advertisers that most value new traffic. As a publisher, your links and the traffic they drive are one of the most valuable assets you have. This report provides clear guidance as to who should be top of mind when creating new links. Check back here for the next month’s report and stay on top of an ever changing landscape.

 Posted by Oliver Deighton, VP Marketing