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The Blog Herald Robyn-Dale Samuda / April 9, 2014 - The Future of SEO – How Every Blogger Needs to be Positioned to be Successful

“Communities like VigLink’s Publisher Roundtable become of greater importance. Not only because of the insight and research they offer for us bloggers but the forum is a powerful environment to learn and make your mark early in your game.”


AllFacebook Mary C. Long / April 2, 2014 - 3 Social Media Insights Every Publisher Needs To Know

“How effective are certain channels are when it comes to driving traffic to publisher sites? The answer is a bit complicated. Good thing for you, VigLink recently gathered some excellent data to share on that specific topic.”


Blogging Pro Robyn-Dale Samuda / April 1, 2014 - Networking & Insight – Absolute Necessities for New Bloggers to Improve their Blogs in 2014

“VigLink recently launched their Publisher Roundtable forum and what I really like about their approach is that they pay special attention to providing useful reports and insights into driving traffic to your website.”


Technorati Technorati Staff / March 18, 2014 - 3 Truths About Content-Commerce Every Publisher Needs to Know

“VigLink is a link optimization and site monetization tool for publishers and has a network of over 35,000 merchants, 300,000 active sites, and 10 billion monthly page views. Their recent Content-Commerce Report offers an in-depth look at the state of content-driven commerce as it was observed through their network in Q4’13.”


The Mail Murray Newlands / March 18, 2014 - What Top Retailers Are Really Paying Affiliates

“VigLink now offers an exchange to increase the earnings of publishers by enabling advertisers to bid for clicks.”


AMNavigator Geno Prussakov / March 14, 2014 - State of Content Affiliate-Driven eCommerce: Q4 2013 VigLink Report

“…VigLink announced the launch of its quarterly “content commerce reports.” They will be based on the data from the VigLink network of publishers/affiliates, and will be published with the goal of shedding light on key monetization metrics of the content marketing landscape.”


WebProNews / Oliver Roup / March 5, 2014 - 2014: The Year Affiliate Marketing Grows Up

“The first content-driven commerce exchange opened for business in June. Every day, it auctions off thousands of clicks on product mentions to eager merchants. Publishers see earnings per click that were 200% to 300% higher, on average, as compared to clicks not flowing through the exchange.”


The Huffington Post / John Rampton / March 4, 2014 - Silicon Valley and Entrepreneurship Go Hand in Hand

“VigLink CEO Oliver Roup talks about the benefits and challenges of starting a new company and growing a business in Silicon Valley, shedding some light on what it’s like to be a business owner in the tech capital of the world.”


Technorati Andre Bourque / February 19, 2014 - Find out how other publishers are building their loyal audiences

“What are the key questions every online publishers wants to answer about their peers? How much money are they making. How are they doing compared to other similar publishers. How are they doing compared to other online content types. Which of their user growth strategies are working. The answers to those questions have not been readily available at any significant scale — until now.”


FeedFront / Shawn Collins / February 19, 2014 - VigLink Introduces a Publisher Roundtable

“In order to participate, content publishers answer some questions. In return, they get access to aggregated research, based on all publisher responses. The tool, which is free, is designed to let publishers compare their answers to those of similar-sized sites.”


Blogging Tips / Zac Johnson / February 18, 2014 - VigLink’s Publisher Roundtable Brings Publishers Together

“In order to participate, content publishers answer some questions. In return, they get access to aggregated research, based on all publisher responses. The tool, which is free, is designed to let publishers compare their answers to those of similar-sized sites.”


Adrants / Steve Hall / February 18, 2014 - Publisher Roundtable Brings Content Producers Together to Share Ideas & Experiences

“There are millions of blogs on the Internet and countless sites that offer tips, tricks, and tutorials for optimizing your site and taking advantage of content marketing. The problem though is that… there seems to be little to no consistency when it comes to best practices for blogging… To combat this, VigLink, a content monetization company, and Netpop, a market research firm, have teamed to launch a new platform…”


Grow Map / Gail Gardner / February 18, 2014 - VigLink Launches New Publisher Roundtable Platform

“VigLink, a leader in commerce-based revenue, announced the launch of their new Publisher Roundtable platform, created in collaboration with Netpop, a leading market research firm.”


Affiliate Tip / Shawn Collins / February 18, 2014 - VigLink Introduces a Publisher Roundtable

“VigLink has announced the Publisher Roundtable, a new platform to help content publishers learn from each another about what drives success.”


Wired Innovation Insights / Oliver Roup / February 10, 2014 – Shopping on Smartphones: How to Fix the 24 Screens Problem

“The holiday shopping season of 2013 was a smashing year for mobile. All existing records for traffic and purchases were broken. But a yawning gap has emerged between tablet and smartphone conversion rates.”


MakeUseOf / Jackson Chung / February 4, 2014 - MakeUseOf Has Embraced VigLink, Now It’s Your Turn

“We’re hoping to reduce our dependance on banner ads. In order to cover operating costs, websites depend mainly on advertising revenue. However, banner ads can be annoying, and sometimes rogue pop-under ads can slip through the cracks and end up being displayed on your computer. We hate those as well… VigLink helps by providing an alternative, untapped revenue stream…”


Website Magazine Allison Howen / January 19, 2014 - A new partnership between ProBoards and VigLink is helping Web professionals generate revenue from their forums

“‘With more than 3.6 million ProBoards forums created, this partnership with VigLink provides an enormous revenue generation opportunity for our passionate forum administrators,’ said Patrick Clinger, CEO and founder of ProBoards.”


Yahoo Finance / January 13, 2014 - ProBoards Partners With VigLink to Create Monetization Opportunities for Internet Forum Administrators

“ProBoards, the world’s largest host of free Internet forums, today announced a partnership with VigLink to allow anyone who creates or manages a ProBoards forum to generate revenue from their forum’s traffic through VigLink Insert”


Search Engine Journal / Oliver Roup / December 27, 2013 - Why Your Links are Getting Ripped Off

“While in its current state the link economy is inefficient and convoluted, for publishers it’s a worthwhile investment to learn about it, find tools that can help you optimize your links, and start earning top dollar.” David Kaplan / November 27, 2013 - VigLink Exchange Opens Up Competition For Affiliate Marketing Clicks

“‘We’re excited about their efforts to create an auction where merchants can bid to have their links shown in the right content and context,’” said Huddler CEO Dan Gill. “‘We think this is an important step in creating a symbiotic relationship between publishers and e-tailers where both sides are properly incentivized.’”


Adotas / Mike Daly / November 8, 2013 - Video Q&A: VigLink Founder/CEO Oliver Roup @ Ad:tech New York

The takeaway for me is programatic continues to be ascendent and that’s great news for us because we are really programmatic around links.”


Adrants / Steve Hall / October 31, 2013 - VigLink Releases Earnings Per Click Report

“VigLink, a company that makes it easy for websites to automatically incorporate affiliate links within their content, is out with its VigLink Advertiser 50, a ranking of the top 50 brands ranked by their earnings per click.”


Affiliate Tip / Shawn Collins / October 25, 2013 - Introducing the VigLink Advertiser 50

“This list is an indicator of advertisers that could work well with content affiliates, though it’s important to bear in mind that relevance and quality, unique content are extremely important to the visitors at affiliate sites.”


Search Engine Journal / John Rampton / October 15, 2013 - Interview With Lucy Bartlett of VigLink: How To Find Guest Bloggers

“Lucy also suggests approaching established writers about writing a guest post for your blog. If there’s a writer you follow who regularly produces interesting content, build a connection and ask them to contribute a post. “


ebay Partner Network / Scott Parent / October 3, 2013 – Publisher Stories – VigLink

“Recently we sat down with Founder & CEO, Oliver Roup, to talk about how they work with ePN, the value of the true enthusiast customer and where he thinks the opportunities are in affiliate marketing.” 


EContent Lin Grensing-Pophal / September 27, 2013 - Mobile App Opps: Rethinking the Advertising Experience

“‘The shift to mobile has sort of followed a pattern that many other shifts have seen,’ says Oliver Roup, CEO of VigLink, a San Francisco Bay area company that works with organizations to help maximize mobile earnings.”


Affiliate Window / September 26, 2013 – Publisher Spotlight – VigLink

“VigLink is built on the idea that publishers should be compensated for the content they create and the commerce they drive.”


ProgrammableWeb / Mark Boyd / September 17, 2013 - VigLink APIs: Monetizing Links is Just the First Step in Using Clickstream Data

“As the Google Shopping API reaches retirement, VigLinks Catalog API may offer online retailers an alternative.” / John Rampton / September 11, 2013 – An Overview of VigLink Services for Affiliate Marketers

“I’ve tried out around 10 different ways to [monetize] (aka, Skimlinks, BuySellAds and Reward Style). Pretty much all of those have been ok and I’ve done alright with them. Then I got turned on to Viglink…”


Adotas / Lucy Bartlett / September 11, 2013 – To Do Social Good, You Must First Define It

“What do we mean and understand by the term “social good”? This is the first question startups must ask before incorporating social good into their business model.”


Adrants / Lucy Bartlett / September 10, 2013 – What is ‘Social Good’ And How Can Brands Benefit?

“Because social good is a fluid and evolving concept, it is up to each startup to set their own definition of “social” and “good.” If you don’t have parameters for social good, you can’t thoughtfully incorporate it into your business model.”


YoungUpstarts / Lucy Bartlett / August 15, 2013 - Bloggers: Build Your Brand And Make Money With Your Passion

“Rather than having to rely on old fashioned and ugly banner ads that merely act as a distraction for your readers, native advertising encourages your audience to delve deeper into your fresh content.”


PerformamceIN / Pippa Chambers / August 9th, 2013 - Performance Marketing Will be the New Norm

“VigLink monetises  [sic] the actual content rather than the white space around the content. This more closely aligns monetisation  [sic] to the publisher’s core competency – their content”


Content Desk / Lucy Bartlett / August 07, 2013 - Four ways to boost your blog with affiliate marketing

“ A form of native advertising, affiliate marketing can be very effective since it integrates promoted brands or products into the natural “fabric” of a blog… If you are just getting started or simply want to increase your earnings, here are four tips to help you do just that.”


SocialMedia Today / Shay Moser / July 31, 2013 - Social Startups: VigLink Helps Publishers and Bloggers Net a New Revenue Stream in Minutes

“Bloggers know their niche inside and out. They can write with authority, build a loyal following and engage their readers. But monetization—turning a blog into a business—that’s a different ball game”


NBC Chicago / Jamie Vondruska / July 22, 2013 - How To Blog As a Business and Still Love It

“Today, content monetization is more sophisticated and competitive. We run ads, but we also bolster revenue with affiliate programs like VigLink…”


AdRants / Oliver Deighton / July 20, 2013 - How Link Monetization Can Fuel Content Publishers’ Native Advertising

“Native monetization–the ability to create an income stream that integrates organically into the user experience–leverages that hard-won credibility without resorting to “tacked on” display advertising.”


Wired, Innovation Insights / Oliver Deighton / July 18, 2013 - Content, Not Coupons: A New Dawn for Affiliate Marketing

“Whether you call it affiliate marketing or native monetization, hyperlinks are uniquely capable of turning content into revenue ”


Business 2 Community / Oliver Deighton / July 18, 2013 - Bloggers: Don’t Bet on Display Ads

“There’s a simple truth about blogs–readers rarely, if ever, come to one to be marketed to.”


Blogging for Business / Lucy Bartlett / July 02, 2013 - How to turn part-time passions into revenue streams using link monetization

“You can make a living doing – and writing about – what you love.”


Upstart Business Journal / Kent Bernhard Jr. / June 25, 2013 – Three funding lessons from VigLink founder Oliver Roup

“Oliver Roup knows a little bit about raising money… But it hasn’t always been easy, and along the way, he learned some lessons… I’m sharing three of them…” Rebekah Coleman / June 18, 2013 - Reduced Capital Threatens Business’s Livelihood

“’I think we were able to have a lot of conversations with people based on the reputation of our investors,’ [Oliver] Roup said. ‘The money alone would not have opened those doors.’”


Affiliate Tip Shawn Collins / June 14, 2013 - New Link Optimizer Technology from VigLink

“The VigLink optimizer technology modifies organic product links to point to a different retailer when there is higher earning potential with an alternative advertiser..”


Website Magazine Allison Howen / June 14, 2013 - VigLink Optimizes Affiliate Links

“A new link optimizing tool from VigLink aims to help publishers maximize their profits from product links.”


TechCrunch Anthony Ha / June 13, 2013 - VigLink’s Affiliate Links Get More Up-To-Date (And Lucrative) With A New Link Optimizer

“However, CEO Oliver Roup said that over time, the links can become outdated, in the sense that they’re no longer pointing to the merchant who will earn them the most money. So VigLink’s new optimizer will dynamically change the link. At any given point in time, the links should automatically connect to the affiliate program that will make the most money for the publisher without requiring any extra work.” Oliver Deighton / June 11, 2013 - Harnessing Social Media to Drive Referrals

“While marketers want a viral campaign that drives purchases, influencers want to protect their reputation and earn fair compensation. A service such as VigLink can build the bridge by providing ordinary links that track purchases and route commissions back to those who drive them.”


Digiday Oliver Deighton / June 6, 2013 - Bloggers: Don’t Bet on Display Ads

“Most bloggers have no idea how to incorporate native monetization into their sites. Yet every time they insert a link from their content to another site — especially a retail site — they establish an opportunity to produce revenue organically. Like a Google paid search result, these links meet stringent quality and relevancy criteria. They surpass the high bar of editorial integrity while also feeling familiar and consistent with the site’s intent.”


VentureBeat Oliver Roup / June 2, 2013 - Mobile app monetization: Think business model, not ads

“Monetization should not be an afterthought for developers. Business models should be considered first, and then developers should create or integrate technology that will enable the business model to be successful.”


ADOTAS Oliver Deighton / May 31, 2013 - Bloggers: When It Comes To Monetizing, It’s Better To Go Native

“Most bloggers have no idea how to incorporate native monetization into their sites. Yet every time they insert a link from their content to another site — especially a retail site — they establish an opportunity to produce revenue organically.”


TechCrunch Frederic Lardinois / May 28, 2013 - Blog Monetization Service Skyscraper Comes Out Of Closed Beta, Adds VigLink Integration & WordPress Plugin

“Today, Skyscraper is also launching its integration with VigLink, a service that helps publishers turn their links to retailers into affiliate links without the need to sign up for all of the 30,000 retailers the service currently supports. Thanks to the partnership between the two services, turning this service on will take just a few clicks for existing Skyscraper users.”


The Board Magazine Bob Sanders / May 17, 2013 - 4 Ways to Make Money with Your Blog using Affiliate Marketing

“Besides conveniently making money with current hyperlinks, VigLink could also additionally put different, standard hyperlinks where nothing existed prior to.” John Ebbert / May 17, 2013 - Affiliate Marketing Going ‘Mainstream’ Says VigLink CEO Roup

“[Affiliate marketing] has gone from coupons to content. Though coupon sites were dominating up until a few years ago, what you’ve seen since that time is mainstream publishers, who deal in real content are starting to delve into the affiliate world.”


BloggingPro Oliver Deighton / May 15, 2013 - Why Is Monetization a Dirty Word for Bloggers?

“The key to generating revenue without degrading your editorial integrity is tapping into link monetization to automatically earn money doing exactly what you do best — sharing your honest opinions and insights with your audience.”


The Mail Murray Newlands / May 9, 2013 - VigLink Insert Yields Unbelievable Sales Growth In 2013

“To date, VigLink Insert has yielded a staggering 200% growth amongst retailers and users alike, with a 57% increase in click-through rates and website earnings up to eight times higher than previously recorded.”


Technorati Geoff Simon  / May 9, 2013 - Native Advertising May Have Solved it’s Multi-platform Scale Problem

“Much like native advertising provides branded messaging in a form native to the specific publication, new technology from company VigLink uses messaging native to specific platforms to allow publishers to earn revenue through … normal links … posted by individuals or publishers.”


All Things D Liz Gannes / April 30, 2013 - Meet Deena Varshavskaya, CEO of Social Shopping Sensation Wanelo

“While a trial with affiliate links pissed off Pinterest users who felt the site was exploiting their activity, Wanelo explicitly sends all product referrals through VigLink so it can get a cut of sales.”


Bloomberg Businessweek Eric Spitznagel / April 10, 2013 - Dude! The Battle to Become the ‘Male Pinterest’

“Brandon Harris, at Dartitup, is hoping to get in on the kill. In mid-May, he plans to launch a beta site called GuyRacks, a revamped Dartitup focusing on fashion and accessories. The idea originated, he says, from his partnership with San Francisco content monetization company VigLink. ‘We earn money whenever someone clicks an item on Dartitup and actually purchases it on the respective retailer’s website,’ he says. ‘When we realized this was a viable revenue stream, GuyRacks was born.’”


AllFacebook Justin Lafferty / April 1, 2013 - VigLink Generates Revenue For Facebook Page Owners Through Link Posts

“Newly rebranded VigLink Anywhere (formerly just a part of VigLink) helps generate revenue for pages whenever Facebook fans click on shared links and make purchases.”


SF Weekly / Rachel Swan / March 27, 2013 - Haute Links: When Blogs Become Ads

“Blogging may be a labor of love, but it doesn’t have to be a free labor, says Oliver Roup, founder of the San Francisco tech company VigLink.”


eCommerce Bytes / Kenneth Corbin / March 25, 2013 - VigLink Builds Bridge Between Content and Ecommerce

“If VigLink has its way, the next wave of the Internet economy will come at the nexus between free online content and ecommerce.”


Forbes / Nancy F. Clark / February 18, 2013 - Why Is Google Ventures Investing In VigLink?

“Looking a little deeper, I can see why this field and perhaps this company are poised for growth.”


Mashable / Leyl Master Black / February 9, 2013 - 4 Steps to Monetize Your Blog Through Affiliate Marketing

“For example, if a blogger mentions a product, brand or store, they don’t have to worry about linking it themselves: VigLink will take care of that with its link insertion technology, which optimizes for both user experience and revenue.”


Review Harbor / Snurre / January 23, 2013 – VigLink Review: Join Any Affiliate Program with Ease

The Verdict: VigLink is a great way for website owners and bloggers to make some extra cash from affiliate marketing. They do take a cut, but that’s only fair because with VigLink you can join pretty much any affiliate program without any hassle. Overall Rating: 5/5.”


Hypebot / Clyde Smith / October 26, 2012 – Worldwide iTunes Affiliate Links and Related Tools for Musicians

“VigLink is a great tool for musicians who produce a lot of blog content that refers to music, books and other stuff sold online.”


a4u / Simon Holland / October 23, 2012 – VigLink Upgrades iTunes Affiliate Links

“VigLink will now detect what country a user’s browsing from and ensure they are directed to their local iTunes store by way of the right affiliate program, where possible. The idea is to increase Apple iTunes sales and ensure publishers earn more.”


BetaKit / Humayun Kahn / October 22, 2012 – Affiliate Platform VigLink Partners with GeoRiot to Enable Location-Based Referrals

“The partnership with GeoRiot means that publishers using VigLink’s service can increase the value of their iTunes referral links, and it means that publishers don’t have to apply to local affiliate programs and post a unique URL for every country’s App Store in order to monetize in those countries. Now once a link is posted, VigLink can reroute it to the respective user’s country-specific iTunes store and product to drive sales for Apple and affiliate revenue for publishers.”


VentureBeat / Megan Hopkins / October 9, 2012 –  Tech Recruiting: Bait the Perfect Engineer

“It’s not that we go especially crazy for birthdays around here, it’s that we go especially crazy for great engineers. I’ve been in this business for over seven years, and I’m especially proud of the world class engineering team we’ve built here at VigLink. Tech recruiting can be cutthroat. Without the lessons learned over the years, I’m not sure we could have built such a successful team.”


Vator News / Bambi Francisco / June 12, 2012 – VigLink Integrates with vBulletin to Access 100k Forums

“Viglink, which helps publishers make money by putting links on their content, said Tuesday that it’s integrated with vBulletin, an Internet Brands company that is the platform used by 100,000 forum websites. “Forum sites are among the best sites to talk about products and monetize wll with Viglink,” said Roup. Sites that monetize well include product and service-centric sites, review sites, hobbyist sites, consumer electronics and fashion sites. It’s often the case that on these sites, users are making recommendations, said John McGanty, General Manager, vBulletin.”


TechCrunch / Oliver Roup / May 19, 2012 – Hyperlinks are Dumb and Bleeding Money

“Hyperlinks, in many ways, are dumb. And as a result, harming your user experience and potentially bleeding money from your company — when they could be a tool for better engagement, increased revenue, and deeper analytics. Hyperlinks should make the web better — more connected, easier to navigate, and intelligent. Hyperlinks should make your site better — more actionable, insightful and profitable.”


FounderLY / Matthew Wise / February 21, 2012 – An Interview with Oliver Roup, VigLink Founder & CEO

“Anywhere links are flying around, those links can be monetized.”


MissyWard / Oliver Roup / February 6, 2012 – What’s the Value of a Hyperlink? Try $58,000

“One morning this past November, as my team was reviewing highlights from the previous days’ customer metrics, something caught our eye: a purchase for $58,000.  After a few minutes of digging, we found that on an evening earlier in the week, an individual browsing an automotive site had come across a post that discussed a particular pontoon boat — complete with floating bar and tiki torches.  The visitor had clicked the link the site owner provided and ultimately purchased the item for a hefty $58,000.”


Idea Mensch / Mario Schulzke / January 12, 2012 –  Oliver Roup – Founder and CEO of VigLink

“I just did a formal exercise to try to map this out. There is a 90-minute focused block in the morning to get a big task done and there are two 60-minute email blocks. Outside of those two time slots, I try not to do email. I also have another 90-minute block set aside for one-on-one meetings with my team. I meet with each team member once a week, alternating between a 30-minute and 60-minute check-in. The reality of the day is messier, but as the company grows, implementing a framework for how I spend my time has been critical.”


Vator News / Krystal Peak / December 13, 2011 – Top 10 Ways to Monetize, Leverage Your Blog

“Similar to the affiliate programs, a company called VigLink will hyperlink keywords in the content you write and direct the reader to a place where they can buy a product. This takes a lot of the work out of searching and connecting your in-article mentions.”


TechCrunch / Leena Rao / November 17, 2011 – VigLink Debuts LinkWeaver to Help Publishers Monetize Outbound Clicks

“LinkWeaver, which powers VigLink’s link insertion solution, detects product and merchant references within content in web pages and automatically creates a custom set of links embedded uniquely within each page. LinkWeaver technology allows readers to instantly click to learn more about a particular product or service, or even make a purchase, without leaving the website to search elsewhere.”


DigiDay / Brian Morrissey / November 17, 2011 – Can In-Text Ads Entice More Publishers?

“Google-backed Startup VigLink is hoping there’s a way to improve the in-text ad game for publishers. In its view, the in-text ad market has erred by catering mostly to advertisers, in that it has taken in campaigns and then gone hunting for keywords to associate those campaign with. That’s led to plenty of dubious matches, according to Olvier Roup, CEO of VigLink. Instead, VigLink scours the page for keywords that might make the publisher money, then goes and associates them with one of tens of millions of products from affiliate programs.”

Press Releases

First Publisher Roundtable Results Show Facebook Outperforms Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit for Driving New Referral Traffic to Leading Media Properties
March 27, 2014

VigLink Launches Quarterly Content-Commerce Report
March 11, 2014

ProBoards Partners with VigLink to Create Monetization Opportunities For Internet Forum Administrators
January 13, 2013

Content-Driven Commerce Grows at Double the Pace of Overall E-commerce
January 24, 2013

VigLink Maximizes Value of Content-Driven Commerce with New Publisher Tools (Fact Form)
December 12, 2012

VigLink Selected to Present at Under the Radar
November 9, 2012

iTunes Link Revenue Nearly Doubles
October 17, 2012

VigLink Launches LinkWeaver to Transform Content Monetization
November 17, 2011

VigLink Partners With CloudFlare to Help Thousands of Site Owners Monetize with Web Content via CloudFlare App
May 25, 2011

VigLink Raises $5.4 Million in Financing Led by Emergence Capital
March 10, 2011

Google Ventures and First Round Capital Backed VigLink Acquires Driving Revenue
August 3, 2010

VigLink Secures Funding from First Round Capital, Google Ventures, Angel Investors
January 12, 2010

About VigLink

VigLink is built on the idea that publishers should be compensated for the content they create and the commerce they drive. While a student at Harvard Business School, the company’s founder, Oliver Roup, developed a crawler that counted links to Amazon on the web. As a result, he learned that fewer than half of these links connected through Amazon’s affiliate program. Publishers were taking the time to link to products on Amazon but not taking the extra steps necessary to earn revenue from these links.
Roup started VigLink to help publishers make the money they were leaving on the table by not affiliating links.  He led the development of a simple-to-implement technology that enables publishers to instantly affiliate their content with thousands of online merchants, effectively monetizing clicks and purchases made from their sites with little to no effort on their part.

With initial funding from Google Ventures and First Round Capital (see other investors here) and a four person staff, VigLink launched publicly in 2010. Shortly thereafter, VigLink saw an opportunity to accelerate momentum by combining it’s world-class engineering team with the extensive customer base of Chicago-based Driving Revenue. In September 2010, VigLink purchased Driving Revenue, dramatically increasing its revenue and setting the course to lead the content-driven commerce revolution.

Today, VigLink has a staff of 20, and tens of thousands of publishers choose VigLink technology to monetize links to more than 30,000 merchants.

In-depth media background available here:


Oliver Roup, Founder & CEO

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