Enthusiast Content turned Marketing Channel

Publishers who write about the products and activities they love are igniting and influencing consumer behavior like never before. That content can plug directly into a marketing channel without need for an ad.

Monitize Content

Creativity comes in different shapes and sizes

Focus on producing great experiences, not administering endless ad formats. Regardless of device, achieve full value for your content without additional effort.

Indulgy is currently ad free and we believe it should stay this way. That’s why VigLink makes sense for us. It plays a big role in our revenue structure without any additional effort on our part. - Eugene Strokin, Indulgy
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Opportunities to influence are everywhere

There are a lot of great tools to build and scale communities beyond your site or app. Leverage them and get full value for the audience you build.

Sneaker Shouts
I went from tweeting about my passion in my free time to earning sizeable revenue by simply monetizing my links in one easy step. - Ivan Antunes, Sneaker Shouts
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Passionate audiences are valued by many

Advertiser buying strategies create dynamic marketplaces. Let our real-time exchange connect your audiences to the most relevant and valuable destination.

We run VigLink code on our Audizine.com forum pages which consist of user-generated content. VigLink scrolls the page and turns product mentions into links that are auctioned to the highest bidding merchant. We display these links only to non-members and still receive an impressive revenue stream from the partnership. - Anthony Marino, Audizine
Channel Optimization

Insights surface from seeing around the corner

Understanding the influence of your content is powerful. Gain perspective on what happens beyond your site or app to produce better content and improve performance.

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The VigLink dashboard assists our editorial team in planning content because it provides us with insights about the audience we would otherwise not have access to. - Vlad Dusil, Purseblog
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