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Leverage your influence with monetized links shared across third party platforms.

A Look Inside

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Increase the scale of influence your content can generate. With VigLink Anywhere, easily create and share revenue-generating links across collaborative networks such as social and email.

Key Features

Simple to use everywhere

Simple to use everywhere, integration needed nowhere

Use third party platforms to create marketable opportunities in the content you share. Links created by Anywhere work seamlessly across all social networks without any integration.

Real-time response to any commercial product

Real-time response to any commercial product launch or event

Product launches and special offers are often difficult to predict and act upon quickly. Using the bookmarklet feature, Anywhere links can be created and posted to Twitter and Facebook without leaving the merchant’s product page.

Verification of revenue-earning products

Verification of revenue-earning products

It’s challenging to determine which merchant or brand products can be monetized from traffic originated by product links. The Anywhere bookmarklet immediately conveys this information upon creation of the link. Try Bookmarklet today!

Benefit from the full VigLink solution

There’s even greater, additional opportunity available to build upon VigLink Anywhere.

VigLink Convert


Turn your content’s existing commercial product links into marketing revenue

VigLink Insert


Automate the identification and creation of the most valuable marketing links within your content.

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