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Jaime Derringer, Design Milk
Anything that makes my life easier in terms of technology, increasing our revenue, or helping us build relationships with affiliates…is the best. Not a lot of companies do that, but VigLink does. Jaime Derringer, Design Milk
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Sara Brooks, The Hunt
Most of The Hunt userbase engages on our native mobile apps, creating user-generated recommendations for style and shopping. Viglink provides us with a native monetization solution that doesn’t disrupt the user experience. Sara Brooks, The Hunt
Stuart Miles, Pocket-Lint
VigLink Insert allows us to solely focus on writing the highest quality content without the distraction of adding product links. The dashboard also provides us with insights into the content and products that resonate with our readers. Stuart Miles, Pocket-Lint
Reichel Broussard, CopyCatChic
VigLink has tools that make monetizing my site simple and easy. The Merchant Explorer helps me research and plan for new content and the Anywhere Bookmarklet is the perfect way to efficiently create that content. Reichel Broussard, CopyCatChic
Acquire, Bernard Antolin
We were instantly impressed with Viglink’s quick and painless implementation and the fact that it would add an additional revenue stream without any disruption to our workflow or user experience was a complete win in our book. Acquire, Bernard Antolin
Riley & Grey, Matthew Jones
VigLink is a great monetization tool for us because it enables us to earn additional revenue and provides insight without any extra overhead. With access to their APIs, integrating their technology with our site required no effort on our part. Riley & Grey, Matthew Jones
CNET, David Bricker
After implementing Viglink, we immediately began generating revenue from existing links on our site. It was like finding change between the couch cushions. CNET, David Bricker
MakeUseOf, Jackson Chung
VigLink takes all the hard work out of affiliating links and does so intelligently in the background, allowing us to focus on creating great content that our readers enjoy. MakeUseOf, Jackson Chung
Musings of a Muse, Isabel Pinto
Viglink is a completely easy way to monetize my website, and I also have a large social media following that I wanted to earn revenue from. Viglink Anywhere allows me to easily create monetized links to incorporate into my social media posts! Musings of a Muse, Isabel Pinto

Truly Native Advertising

Simply add one line of code to your site, and VigLink automatically turns existing links on your pages into revenue generating links. VigLink can also insert new links on relevant terms and phrases to capture purchase intent.

Truly Native Advertising

Seamless Forum Integration

People turn to your online community looking for authentic discussion around their passions, and it’s also the place where they make valuable decisions about what products to buy. VigLink allows you to capture this value, as well as to improve your users’ experience, with no added overhead.

Experience of Non-Members

For those who visit your forum but are non-members or logged-out users, you have the ability to insert links on just the content that they see.

Experience of Members

Your forum members are the core of your community, and you want to ensure that they continue to have a seamless user experience. You can choose not to insert links on the content they see.

Monetize Social Influence

Opportunities to influence and drive purchase are everywhere and extend far beyond your site or app. Leverage VigLink Anywhere to earn for the audience you build, and services that you provide.

Monetize Social Influence

Earn from Purchase Intent Created In Your App

The content created and shared over mobile apps drives purchase. VigLink’s Rest API opens up a new revenue stream for publishers by allowing them to earn from this created purchase intent.