Generate revenue and insights from your content.

Create a sustainable business with VigLink. People turn to your content looking for authenticity around their passions, and it’s also the place where they make valuable decisions about what products to buy. VigLink allows you to capture this value, as well as take advantage of powerful insights about your business.



Harness VigLink’s product suite to transform your influential content into valuable marketing revenue.



Utilize VigLink’s cutting edge technology and unique data to inform your content creation at authoring time.

Bulls Eye Target


Effortlessly enhance your content to commerce strategy with VigLink’s industry leading solutions.

VigLink partners with over 2M+ publishers to transform them into e-commerce businesses.

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Monetize your passion

VigLink Convert


Many of the links within a publisher’s content do not earn, even if they are inherently valuable.

Using VigLink Convert, these links transform into revenue generating hyperlinks without any change to the user experience.

VigLink Insert


Focus your time creating the content your audience seeks and let us build link inventory on your behalf.

VigLink Insert identifies valuable commercial keywords within your content and transforms them into links directed to the advertisers that value your audience the most. Additionally, Custom Insert, a managed service, gives publishers control over the exact terms that are linked and their destinations.

VigLink Anywhere Screenshot


Extend the reach of revenue-generating links beyond your site or app.

Opportunities to influence consumers are everywhere. With VigLink Anywhere, easily create and share commercial links across social networks and other leading publishing platforms.

“After implementing Viglink, we immediately began generating revenue from existing links on our site. It was like finding change between the couch cushions.”

— David Bricker, CNET


Measure and expand your influence

The VigLink dashboard allows you to view performance metrics that are most important to your content strategy and gives you insight into how to grow your profits.

  • Learn what content is popular, which articles resonate, and what people purchase
  • Discover where your audience goes after leaving your site or app
  • Compare performance across multiple properties and channels
Riley and Grey

VigLink is a great monetization tool for us because it enables us to earn additional revenue and provides insight without any extra overhead. With access to their APIs, integrating their technology with our site required no effort on our part.”

— Riley & Grey

Merchant Explorer Screen Shot

Easy access to top brands & merchants

The Merchant Explorer provides you with easy access to important details about each one of our 70,000 merchants including commission rates, payment method (cost-per-click or cost-per-acquisition), the countries they accept traffic from, and affiliation status.

Reichel Broussard, CopyCatChic

VigLink has tools that make monetizing my site simple and easy. The Merchant Explorer helps me research and plan for new content and the Anywhere Bookmarklet is the perfect way to efficiently create that content.”

— Reichel Broussard, CopyCatChic

Merchant Explorer Screen Shot

Measure and expand your influence

Cutting edge technology

VigLink’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology automatically recognizes valuable keywords and topics in a publishers content. This gives us the ability to find high quality product mentions and insert a link to the highest paying and best converting merchant resulting in more clicks, sales, and revenue.

Develop custom integrations

VigLink offers many APIs to help improve your business strategy. The capabilities of these APIs vary:

  • The Rest API allows you to affiliate without installing our javascript on your page, a functionality ideal for mobile app integrations.
  • The CUID Reporting API which allows you to see sales derived from a given click.
People Thinking

We’ve developed state-of-the-art statistical models to recognize product related mentions and categorize the various topics on each page. This allows us to automatically link and relink content.”

— Gabor Melli, Chief Scientist

Derive Insight at Authoring Time

Trends Explorer gives publishers access to insights from their own content in the “My Trends” tab, as well as trends across the 2M+ publisher network in the “Global Trends” tab. Equipped with detailed trending information, publishers stay on the leading edge of this season’s must-haves and create relevant content that resonates with their readers.

Taylor Strecker

VigLink’s Trends Explorer allows me to stay on the cutting edge of this season’s must-haves by providing access to what is trending across their entire network.”

— Taylor Strecker, Host SiriusXM Wake Up! With Taylor

Trend Explorer Product Shot


Strengthen Targeting Strategies

The sophisticated NLP technology that powers Insert and Convert can also deliver unique insights into which products are talked about, purchased, or abandoned for millions SKUs at over 60,000 merchants. Use your commerce data to strengthen targeting strategies, deliver higher results, and increase your advertising returns.

We’re thrilled to provide publishers with product-level data and audience segments that are derived directly from their content. This will enable them in making their advertising campaigns hyper-targeted & extremely relevant for their audience as well as deliver better value for their advertiser partners.
— Prakash Chandra, VP Engineering @ VigLink