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Truly Native Advertising

Monetize existing links

VigLink Convert will automatically monetize existing links across all pages, past and future. Optionally, the VigLink Exchange (VLX) can ensure eligible links always go to the highest bidding advertiser.

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Add new, relevant links

VigLink Insert can more than double VigLink earnings. Enable our state-of-the-art semantic technology to automatically link products, merchants, and brands to the most relevant destination. VLX ensures added links go to the highest bidder.

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Monetize social influence

Links posted to Twitter, Facebook or even emails can take the earning power of VigLink along for the ride. Just build the URL with VigLink, shorten if you like, and share anywhere. Get paid when clicks turn into purchases.

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Develop custom integrations

VigLink offers a suite of APIs and customization options to integrate VigLink directly into your app.

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