Frequently Asked Questions

How does VigLink make money?

When you earn more money, VigLink earns more money. VigLink keeps a percentage of the revenue generated by the clicks from your site. For VigLink Convert and VigLink Anywhere, where we automatically monetize existing links, we pay publishers 75% of the gross earnings. For VigLink Insert, where we insert new links that didn’t exist before, we also earn a portion of the revenue earned. While we don’t detail the exact portion, many publishers more than double their earnings with VigLink Insert.

Because of our scale and technology, we are able to negotiate increased commissions from retailers and maximize the average earnings per click. This means publishers often earn more through VigLink than they would on their own.

Does VigLink pay when a sale occurs or when a click occurs?

VigLink can monetize links to thousands of retailers. Some links earn only after a sale is completed (also known as Cost per Action or CPA), and some earn immediately upon click (also known as Cost per Click or CPC). Links that earn on a CPC basis are always changing and a list is not available. Rest assured, our technology maximizes earnings for publishers.

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How does VigLink pay publishers?

Payments from VigLink are made through PayPal at the end of each month. We cover the fees, so there is no cost to you. There is a $10.00 monthly minimum. Rest assured that any balance owed will be paid out to you as soon as you reach the $10.00 minimum.

Payments are made on a net-60 basis (60 days after the earnings are recorded).

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Which retailers does VigLink work with?

In addition to eBay and Amazon, VigLink monetizes links to over 35,000 retailers. Explore all retailers with the merchant explorer.

What countries does VigLink support?

We have retailer relationships in nearly every major market in the world. To find out if a retailer in your country is supported, search the merchant explorer.

Can I use VigLink to monetize my mobile app?

Absolutely! By calling the VigLink Convert API, we can monetize clicks on the fly within any app. Learn more at

Can I use VigLink on Twitter or Facebook?

Yup! Your social influence is worth money. Capture it by running links through VigLink Anywhere before you share. You can shorten these links with any link shortener.

How do I install VigLink?

Once you’ve signed up, visit and copy the snippet of code. Paste this code into the HTML of your website, at the very end of your pages, just before the </body> tag.

The code needs to be present on every page where you’d like VigLink to work. The best way to install this code everywhere is to add it to your site’s template.

VigLink also provides a number of plugins for popular platforms. Visit to see specific installation instructions for each.

Does VigLink overwrite my existing affiliate links?

Not by default, but you can configure VigLink Convert to overwrite existing affiliate links to eBay and Amazon on your settings page. VigLink does not provide an option to overwrite any other links.

Do I need to have links on my page for VigLink to work?

It is not necessary to have existing links on your site for VigLink to work. With VigLink Insert enabled, we can automatically add links when relevant merchant, brand and product names are present in your site’s content.

However, if you have no links on your site and VigLink Insert is not enabled, then you will not earn any revenue. We encourage all publishers to both add their own links and enable VigLink Insert.

What does “affiliate” mean? What is an “affiliated link?”

When a link is “affiliated” it means it is eligible to earn money from the retailer it points to. For example, clicks on a link to that result in purchases will not earn the publisher money unless the link is affiliated. An affiliated link tells a retailer that its customer has come from your site, so you can receive a commission on the sale. In this case, you become an “affiliate” of the retailer.

Affiliated links are available to publishers who sign up for specific affiliate programs. Signing up for and managing multiple affiliate programs is time consuming. With VigLink, you are enrolled in over 35,000 programs instantly, and all eligible links are automatically affiliated.

Is VigLink appropriate for all content?

Every content creator faces the question of how to fund their efforts while maintaining the trust and loyalty of their readers. Leading publishers understand the expectations of their readers and choose appropriate revenue models. For those who create content that flows into commerce, monetization by VigLink is a natural option. Curators of fashion, food, technology, travel—really any interest—have a readership that values their selections and their opinions. For content where opinions are intentionally excluded, earning revenue from sales commissions may not be the most appropriate option.

Does the FTC require any disclosure?

The Federal Trade Commission requires that publishers disclose to their readers when they endorse a product or service and have a “material connection” to the seller. If publishers are using affiliated links, with or without VigLink, they have that connection. VigLink offers a number of solutions to help publishers comply. For VigLink Insert, we automatically display a notice that reads “links inserted by VigLink” when users hover over an inserted link. In general, we provide badges you can place on your site that link to our consumer disclosures page.

What is the VigLink Exchange (VLX)

VLX is the first advertising exchange of its kind; one that matches relevant content to the highest bidding advertiser. For example, if we find a mention of a product in a blog post, we can link that to the highest bidding merchant selling that product. This is native advertising done at scale. VLX is the core VigLink technology to find, price, and place these shoppable moments.